Istanbul Office
Istanbul Office
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Over dedicated employees, working in 6 regional clusters around the globe, deliver operational excellence.

Well optimized reports

We hear from the clients that “the reports include many unuseful stuff and so long”. So, you will take a summary to see rough evaluation, 2 minutes read long..

All needs in one place

We are a MA (MarinArea) approved supplier. Can answer any of your marine industry needs just a mail or phone away

Whole world coverage

We have a vast range of coverage with our partners all round the world

Easy to reach interfaces

We are all the time online thru:
1) All team members mails & phones
2) Booxmar Community Telegram group
3) Booxmar Community Whatsapp group
4) Booxmar Community WeChat group

Continuous improvement

Your comments and feedbacks are so important. Our system is not a STEADY one, we are fully open to Continuous improvement. Thus, we put our customer at the top priority respecting to ISO 9001:2015 standards. One of our KPI is to grant 100% customer satisfaction.

Cost Effective Solutions

We do only present the best solutions, but also we know the industry difficulties and aiming to fit the bugdet by optimization in all areas

Solutions 2X

If your needs about training, evaluation advisory services, on scene surveys, audits & inspections, performance audits for vessels & operators, software solutions and more just in one place.

Projects Done
Clients Worldwide
People in Team